We are Gyoseishoshi, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists.

A Gyoseishoshi is a national licensed lawyer who prepares documents for public agencies and/or submits them on behalf of clients for a fee. This includes administrative applications, documents relating to rights and duties, and the certification of facts such as various contracts and wills etc. in accordance with the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Gyoseishoshi) Act.

Basically, we support people to live and work in Japan in line with the law. We are also known for being easy to talk to, and reasonably priced, making us often the first step for legal advice.

You can rely on us to help/advise you in various daily life situations.

If you start a business here in Japan, you might have to get a specific kind of permission or a license from the government. If you make a contract, in business or privately, we recommend that you get professional advice. If you start or change your job, get married or divorced, or start a business, you may have to change your visa (status of residence).

We are here to help you on these occasions.

We are legally certified to act as your representative, and as an advisor, in order for you to proceed with and complete the necessary administrative procedures required by the authorities concerned.
In addition to the efficient provision of administrative procedures, ensured by our prompt and accurate documentary preparation, we protect your rights and interests.