We provide assistance to foreign nationals by serving as proxy for carrying out Japanese visa applications.We represent the companies and individuals undergoing the Japan immigration process.

When you come to Japan, your status of residence and the period of stay must be determined.
The status of residence indicates the activities you may engage in during your stay in Japan.
If you wish to engage in activities other than those granted by your status of residence (e.g. temporary work) or would like to extend your period of stay in Japan, you must receive permission at the Immigration Bureau.

Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishosi) is an authorized personnel, who are allowed to be your representative. We will not only prepare the documents for you, but also hand them in, be your advisorystaff to guide you through the procedures, and will also help you with aftercare.

We are here to help your needs as followings:

(1)   Certificate of eligibility

(2)   Changing Your Status of Residence

(3)   Extending Your Visa

(4)   Permission for permanent residence

(5)   Re-entry Permits

(6)   Children Born in Japan

(7)   Temporary Work

From your everyday life, to running a new business, I also help you in obtaining various kind of permits, licenses or authorization from the Governmental Authorities.